Therapeutic Benefits

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Relaxes Your Muscles

"Helps my tired, achey feet after a long day." - Jackie K.

When using paraffin wax as a medical treatment, it is heated to a very specific temperature. This heat applied gently and evenly around the affected muscle will instantly release any tightness or tension that people with arthritis are often unknowingly holding onto. It’s sort of like wrapping your muscles in the softest, warmest blanket you can find.

Pain Reliever

How many times have you used a heating pad on sore muscles to relieve pain? Using paraffin wax is a much more soothing and effective way to achieve the same goal. While heating pads can be helpful, they simply sit on top of your skin. They can move around or fall off, which causes more stress, rather than relieving it. Paraffin wax, however, perfectly encloses the painful area and opens up the pores. Allowing the heat to penetrate deep into the skin like this provides a quicker and longer-lasting soothing effect.

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Reduces Inflammation

In addition to soothing your sore muscles, it also helps to reduce inflammation, the heat of the wax causes an increase in blood flow, which will help minimize any uncomfortable swelling.

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Used by Physical Therapists

Since the wax is relatively soft and easy to shape, Physical Therapists often use it as a mobility exercise for patients recovering from hand surgery. 

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Loosens Muscles

They will first use the heat of the wax to relax and loosen the muscles. Then, once the wax has hardened, they will have the patient peel it off and squish it in their hand like a very soft stress ball.

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Commonly Used

For a typical Paraffin Wax treatment, you or your therapist will heat the wax in a paraffin wax bath warmer and dip your hand or foot into the hot wax. You can choose to dip once for a shorter, less intense experience, or dip up to 4-5 times for longer-lasting heat