How To Beat Dry Hands This Winter

January 05, 2021

How To Beat Dry Hands This Winter

Written by: Joanne S.

The cold air can dry out your hands any winter, but this year presents a unique challenge. With increased hand washing and hand sanitizer use to slow the spread of COVID-19 we are going into winter with hands that are already dry. Here’s how to beat dry hands this winter.

Carry Moisturizer With You

Switch from standard hand lotion to a thick cream or butter. Synthetic ingredients dry out your hands, so look for naturally derived products that are scented with essential oils. Apply at least every time you wash or sanitize your hands. If your hands crack, apply a liquid bandage to help them heal.

Woman moisturizing her hands with hand lotion to prevent dry skin.

Wear Gloves

Even if you’ll only be out in the cold air for a few minutes, put your gloves on. This will keep the cold dry air out. In addition to standard gloves, wear lotion gloves at night at least 2 or 3 days per week. If they aren’t comfortable to sleep in, 1 or 2 hours a night while watching TV will do. If your feet are dry you can wear lotion socks too.

Woman wearing winter gloves to prevent dry skin.

At-Home Paraffin Wax

No need to book an appointment at a salon to enjoy the healing benefits of paraffin wax! Paraffin treatments are fast and easy to do at home and will instantly restore the moisture barrier on your hands—leaving them feeling soft and smooth. Use 1 to 3 times per week as both a proactive and reactive hand softener. If your hands are cracked, wait until they heal before using paraffin. And yes, you can use paraffin on your feet too.

Dipping hands in paraffin wax for a paraffin wax spa treatment.

Ready To Try Paraffin At Home?

New Road Beauty offers a soothing selection of scented and unscented paraffin wax treatments—and we’re a Best Seller on Amazon! All you need is a wax warmer and your preferred wax scent and you’re ready to treat and beat dry winter hands this winter.

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