Long Term Benefits of Paraffin Wax

September 07, 2021

Long Term Benefits of Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax offers amazing long term benefits. Some of those benefits include keeping skin moisturized year round, arthritic pain relief, reduced inflammation, minimize muscle spasms, and assistance in healing sprains.

Paraffin wax helps improve blood flow which can ultimately relax muscles and decrease joint stiffness. Overtime, this can reduce pain and help increase hand, foot, or elbow mobility.

Paraffin wax has also become a go-to for athletes and gym junkies who seek a panacea for sore, worn-out muscles. In addition, paraffin can help fortify hand and finger grips benefiting baseball/softball players, tennis experts, golfers, hockey/lacrosse players, weight lifters, and boxers.

In order to ensure the long term benefits of paraffin wax, it must be used consistently and correctly. It is important to follow instructions regarding the accurate wax temperature and utilizing disposable plastic gloves as well as hand/foot insulated covers (mitts/booties). These additional coverings lock in the therapeutic heat benefits. They can be found under “accessories” on newroadbeauty.com.

Results may take time so it is essential to use the paraffin wax routinely. Treatments should be done at least once a week, however, for improved results, it can be used daily. When applying individual wax treatments, it is most effective by leaving it on for at least 10 minutes. The properties of paraffin wax allow for deep heat therapy and create a soothing and relaxing treatment.

Tips for receiving long term results:

  • Have easy access to New Road Beauty wax warmer
  • Keep approximately 6 pounds (6 bars) of wax inside the warming machine. If properly maintained, can be reused multiple times 
  • Use paraffin wax consistently (we recommend every day use or as often as possible)
  • Use disposable plastic gloves along with hand gloves or foot booties to lock in the heat
  • Leave wax on desired area (hand/foot) for approximately 10 minutes 
  • Ensure wax is set at the correct temperature (125 degrees Fahrenheit or less) prior to application

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