The Many Uses of Paraffin Wax

August 16, 2021

Elderly woman holding her wrist

Paraffin wax offers a multitude of benefiting properties. This is why it's useful to everyone; both men and women, with a wide range of conditions, including people of all ages. 


Paraffin helps protect skin from infections by exfoliating and moisturizing. It prevents bacteria from entering cracked skin and helps hydrate dry skin year round. Also, it removes dead skin overtime. Paraffin wax opens pores which allows it’s moisturizing properties to make skin soft and supple.

Moisturized Hands after Paraffin Wax Treatment


In addition, paraffin wax includes many beauty advantages. Some cosmetic benefits include how this type of wax can be used on one’s face to smooth out or prevent wrinkles. It soothes overworked facial muscles which ultimately reduces wrinkles and muscle tension on one’s face. Paraffin wax is most commonly used on hands, feet, or elbows, but can also be used on other body parts like one’s face.

Paraffin Wax on Face

Scar Tissue

Paraffin wax can increase mobility and elasticity of scar tissue. Applying heat to scars increases blood flow which advances rehabilitation and reduces the formation of scar tissue. Note: Paraffin wax is not recommended for diabetics. 

Helping wrist scar tissue with paraffin wax


People who participate in sports benefit from paraffin because it can help relieve sore muscles. Paraffin is soothing after strenuous workouts because it helps relax aching muscles. Paraffin wax is also known to improve hand and finger grip strength for those who frequently lift weights. It eases pain and loosens hand/finger joints prior to exercising. “Heat therapy” is known to relieve aching joints and stiffness while increasing blood flow and reducing muscle spasms.

Runner holding foot post workout

Muscle and Joint Mobilization

The combination of heat and skin lubrication is useful for joint and muscle mobilization. When using several layers of paraffin wax, it can penetrate into the skin to help relieve muscle swelling. Paraffin produces a comforting and healing sensation. A way to retain heat during treatment is by wearing plastic gloves or bags and hand gloves or foot booties.

Hand and joint mobilization


Paraffin wax rejuvenates skin and muscles helping to recover injuries. 

Hand after performing a paraffin wax treatment

Fun fact: Paraffin wax moisturizes skin and gets rid of dead skin cells without harming the skin itself because it holds healing ingredients!


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